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We take our 


very seriously

Please read the following before visiting our shop.

A mask is a must!


Sanitize hands upon entry. We have a refillable pump of hand sanitizer at the door to use when you first come in and additional bottles throughout the space. Please use them. 


Our shop capacity is now 10  people.


All customers must social distance. Only one person or small family group is to be in a booth at a time. If a visitor is inside a vendor booth that you’d like to enter, kindly wait a safe distance for them to finish shopping before you enter the space. 


When our shop is at capacity you will find a chain across the door. Kindly wait until it is your turn to enter. 


We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave that does not abide by our safety protocol. 


Our aim is to keep everyone safe while creating a space to uplift and inspire our community! 


Thank you for understanding and keeping our staff and community safe!

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